Digital Detox


Hi beautiful soul,

I want to share with you a mindblowing speech. Maybe you already know this interview but everyone has another focus on it right now and I would like to share with you some quotes:

When you don’t have the phone, you just check out the world. And that’s where ideas happen. The constant, constant, constant engagement is not where you have innovation and ideas. Ideas happen when our minds wander and we see something and we think, “I bet they could do that…” That’s called innovation. But we’re taking away all those little moments.



Do you kow the moment you absolutely see yourself when someone is decribing a type of person? I am one of this type, always checking, comparing myself with others. Of course I changed the feed (more inspirational, more yogi, more mindful). But don’t you kow this feeling when you scrolh through mindblowing stories and your like „Oh I would also like to do this!“ And you are just sitting there and watch other peoples lifes?

This is why I give myself a break from Social Media from time to time. Not going to check Insta-Stories anymore on the weekend. Just getting rid of writing every second with my friends in Whatsapp. That’s done. I am afraid of missing my life just thinking „Oh I could do this and that“ .

What Simon Sinek is also telling us in his speech. That we need to find confidence and balance. First step for me is my digital detox time!

  1. No Cellphone in the Bedroom – Because we really don’t need it!
  2. Start your day without your mobile till you are at work
  3. Don’ttakeyourphonewithyouwhen you are with your family
  4.  Weekends are social media free zone from now on!
  5. Don’t write everything in Whatsapp: Call!



The point is, we now in industry, whether we like it or not, we don’t get a choice, we now have a responsibility to make up the shortfall. And help this amazing, idealistic, fantastic generation build their confidence, learn patience, learn the social skills, find a better balance between life and technology because quite frankly it’s the right thing to do.

Ready for the best speech: Click HERE


photo credits @charleeneggers


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