Travel: Babymoon #1 Barcelona


Hey my loves,

We are super excited about our little wonder, which will join us in august. We decided to cancel the big trips and just travel a bit through Europe. First stop was of course Barcelona. It is our favorite and we are always happy to be there. We’ve been here uncountable times and it is always our happy place.

This time we decided just to go with the flow and not to walk too much. Yep, 20km a day.. we did it! I thought I would be more exhausted but it was completly fine. We had good weather and got the chance to lie on the beach and just feel the sun on our skin and hear the sea in the background. This was always a dream of mine. To sit preggo on the beach and just be.



We stayed at the Hotel Advance, which we found on Secret Escapes. It is a small boutique hotel near las Ramblas but without the touristy character. We were after a short walk in the middle of las Ramblas and found a great restaurant.

Near the hotel was on a very cute place, Xuclà 7 the restaurant GATS. It was our first night in Barca and we wanted to celebrate a bit our first getaway, so called babymoon. We ordered some tapas and just enjoyed the atmosphere at the restaurant.

On the next day we walked the whole day and had our first shopping trip for the baby. We tried to buy more practical clothes but it was really hard. At night we managed to meet up with a spanish friend and went to a restaurant called Ciudad Condal .First we thought it is quite touristy, but we were wrong. Our friend ordered some white fish with a remarkable salsa, which wasn’t on the card and we never ate something better! Also we sat outside and could avoid the crowd inside the restaurant (bar and seating area were completly full).

The next day was beach day and I was lucky to get a foot massage after 5 hours walking and we just enjoyed the time on the beach. I couldn’t be happier and this is when this photo was taken and we were ready to tell everyone about the wonder we are expecting: 30226586_10214850136034145_7688921650972065792_n

My little marble was growing more and more and we wanted to share this moment on the beach 🙂

At night we went for a very crazy and fancy tapas dinner at CAL PEP. It is like a tapas show. They open the doors at 7:30pm and if your are not in the queue you will need to wait another half or one hour till the first guests are done eating. You eat at a bar and you can watch the cooks the whole time. The only thing you can order is your drink and they will ask you what you prefer. You‘ ll get different dishes the whole time, which are super delicious!! (It’s quite expensive, but if you want to have a food adventure, do it!)


More tips for you!

If you want a normal place to have lunch in the port go to Rest Filferro, they have a terrace and a nice view.
By the water:  Xup Xup (great for having Paella)!

If you want fancy Tapas in a more residential go to Rest Coure (ask for a table in the bar) the menu is based on Tapas. The other one which are fusion tapas is called Bambarol. Both of there restaurants are popular so you need to reserve with time. If you like to swing the body afterwards there is disco called Luz de Gas and a bar called Berlin 🙂

The other option is to walk in “El Born” this is very touristic but we normally go with friends to go for tapas: A typical place to go is El Xampanet and ask for their trade mark bubbly wine (xampanet) and get some Anchovies in vinegar, just yummy!!

Just enjoy Barcelona! There is no place you’d rather be 🙂

Have a wonderful day!


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