Food: Breakfast Update


Hey you wonderful soul,

Till I am in the second trimester I am also back on track eating healthy in the morning again. Of course, on some days I really really need to eat a Brezel 🙂 But I trying to eat more fruits again.

One of my favorite breakies at the moment are those two recipies:




– 2 spoons coconut yoghurt (Alpro)

– 3 spoons buckwheat- millet porridge (MorgenStund)

– rasberry, strawberry and banana

– coconut flakes, flax seeds and chia seeds

– almond butter (Rapunzel)

mix it all together and enjoy! I just love this breakfast because it gives you all you need for a power start!


Second breakfast is nothing new but after 4 month without it I had some cravings in the morning Acaí Bowl at it’s finest 🙂 >>click here for my recipe



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