Hens Party #BabyonBoard


Hey pretty one,

hope you had a great week and you had some great laughs. A wonderful friend of mine is going to be married soon and we went on a hens trip with her. When the party was planned I didn’t know that I would be pregnant during this trip. I wasn’t sure to join but I really wanted to because she is my oldest friend and I didn’t wanted to miss it! So I check with her maid of honor and the schedule was totally doable for a preggo.


We went to the Electric Mountain Festival in Soelden, Tyrol and i was amazed my the scene and the good vibes. Jonas Blue, Bakermat and some more DJs rocked the festival and Baby lion was dancing with me. Really love being active and enjoy every moment right now. We had a really good time! It was a wonderful hens party weekend. The girls went wild at night and I was sleeping and during the day we had long walks, good and inspirational talks, horse ride and went to great restaurants. I also got the chance of a first glipse of a preggo shooting with the wonderful Charleen.


So much love for little lion boy 🙂 You should definetly check out Charleen’s homepage and book your shooting right away. She’s catching the most wonderful moments you can imagine and she makes me smile all the time! And these photos were just made with the mobile phone! #followthursday


Things I’ve learned during the trip:

– DRINK UP: Always have a water bottle in your hand
– DON’T DRIVE: Let someone else drive, you never know when the sleepy mode will kick
– SHAKE YOUR BOOTY: Dancing is great for the baby and the mommy 🙂
– SIESTA: Take breaks. I wasn’t taking so many and now the doctor gives me no other opp.
– ENJOY: I’ve enjoyed every moment with so many great girls!

Lots of LOVE!


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