Food: Breakfast Update

Hey you wonderful soul, Till I am in the second trimester I am also back on track eating healthy in the morning again. Of course, on some days I really really need to eat a Brezel 🙂 But I trying to eat more fruits again. One of my favorite breakies at the moment are those…

Travel: Babymoon #1 Barcelona

Hey my loves, We are super excited about our little wonder, which will join us in august. We decided to cancel the big trips and just travel a bit through Europe. First stop was of course Barcelona. It is our favorite and we are always happy to be there. We’ve been here uncountable times and…

Preggo Update: SSW 23

Hey my loves, How far: I am in week 23, so first days of 6 months preggo Gender: Little Lion Boy Big changes so far: Skinny jeans maternity style, that was the first thing I bought. and at the beginning when just closest friends and of course family knew it was no visible change and…

Simplify and add lightness

Hello wonderful soul, „Try to be like the turtle – at ease in your own shell.“ – Bill Copeland This week is all about finding my ease and lightness back. I tend to slip a filter, which was created by myself, over each situation, comment or look. This filter we put over each situation was…

How a Sea Turtle and Yoga changed my Focus

Hi powerful soul, How was your week so far? Have you hustled or tried your best to keep track of your goals? But sometimes you feel like you won’t reach it or can not find the next clue to your secret of life? I was thinking about it a lot in the last weeks. And if…

3 Steps to Change Your Mindset

Hey beautiful soul, Have you heard of the story the business man and the fisherman? Not really? Okay then here we go:

Food: Açaí Bowl DIY

hey my loves, the best breakfast for me at the moment is an Açaí- Bowl. It is not the reason that his is right now THE superfood but I just like the taste of it which is a bit like chocolate. In Germany it is a bit difficult to get when you have supermarkets and…

Travel: Ibiza Food Spots

Hey my loves, When times are crazy do something which is good for you. That is what I did. One day after I came back from SG I was already back in the plane. On my way to Ibiza! 3 Days Sun and just time for myself. That was the plan 🙂 It is very…

Ibiza Vibes

  Hallo meine Lieben, auch mein Ibiza Urlaub ist leider vorbei, aber ich bin frisch inspiriert und habe euch ein paar Schmankerl mitgebracht.

Holiday season

Hallo meine Lieben, nach langer langer Zeit melde ich mich wieder zurück und bin wieder voller Elan und inspiriert bis in die Zehenspitzen.

Grüne Ernährung

Hallo meine Lieben, ich habe mich zur Zeit extrem mit der Ernährung beschäftigt, da mir durch einige körperliche Beschwerden der Alltag etwas erschwert wurde. Verstärkte Kopfschmerzen, Müdigkeit und Magenschmerzen sind seit ein paar Wochen an der Tagesordnung. Ich bin daher zur Zeit sehr bedacht was ich esse.

Amsterdam Part II

Hey meine Lieben, was eine Woche! Oder besser noch was für Wochen! Es passiert so viel und ich komme gar nicht dazu euch mit neuen Rezepten und sonstigen Posts zu versorgen. Aber ich wollte euch auf jeden Fall den zweiten Amsterdam Post nicht vorenthalten.